Why Can’t We?

The small Austrian village of Krumbach has commissioned architects from several countries to build 11 avant-garde bus stops. The local cultural commission conceived of the project also eliminating any star architect. No compensation for these select few, instead a week’s vacation in the area. Krumbach volunteers and donated materials are also part of the project. The firms participating are from Chile, Belgium, Norway, Russia, China, Japan, and Spain. Apparently all eager, within 4 weeks those contacted had agreed. Some have already travelled to the village being impressed by the local materials, traditional craftsmanship and buildings rich with details. For its part Krumback is looking forward to “inspiration and new ways of seeing”. While it wouldn’t be easy to import the idea in a culture of bottom line such as ours, the idea can be adapted. Cities can very much benefit from the same inspiration and new ways of seeing that architects are often the catalyst for.