Life Coaching

As a life coach for many people over many years, I’ve been Using the resources of the inner self along with meditation exercises, visualization and the creative imagination to guide people to better address many of life’s issues. Because this kind of meditation is powerful these sessions can be too. I endeavor to be an advocate for your higher good and aim to facilitate your developing your own advocacy.

If you want to grow as you work on life’s decisions and problems these techniques will be most helpful. If you want to resolve these issues not to feel good but to be a better person, want to become more of what your inner self wants you to be, these sessions will indeed have meaning for you. They shall be conducted via Zoom.

Leave a message at 310-836-7710 (landline) so that I can call you back to discuss how best to handle what you’d like to work on. Fees are based on sliding scale.

Here is what some have said:

The meditation exercises developed by Danielle have offered clear guidance and helped me during critical times.  For over three years now, Danielle has been critical to the approach I have taken to resolve serious problems that were unsuccessfully addressed when I sought help from other professionals.  Lovingly, yet firm, she encourages one to do the hard work, without compromising the integrity of how she uses the inner self.  Working with Danielle to improve my inner-outer relationship has been a most satisfying journey.

Nina Smart

“I have been part of a meditation group that has been meeting with Danielle since the middle of 2018, and I have benefited greatly.  One very big thing for me was gaining a technique to end the highly self-critical nature of my inner voice, and I am much happier as a result.  But I think the main thing was developing a relationship with my inner self that I can rely on to guide me in good times and bad.  That has greatly reduced my stress level and brought me a lot of peace.”

Janet Maker

I have known Danielle for more than 30 years. At first, I studied meditation with her which I used every morning for 10 years before I went to work and from then my learning just grew. I have learned how to look at life with a broader sense of understanding. Generally speaking, I would say that I am happier with myself and now most often make decisions with a clearer, deeper sense of ease within myself.”

Susan Dillon