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Cancer Drugs For Africa

Two drug companies, Pfizer based in New York and Cipla based in Mumbai have promised to provide cancer drugs for several African countries at rock bottom prices, meaning prices where the companies would not be making any money, but would not be losing money either. There are only 16 drugs involved and 6 countries so far, but the deal is seen as one that will save many lives. Cancer in Africa has been growing, and 450,000 die every year for lack of care. By 2030 this number is projected to be one million. The agreement also includes top American oncologists devising treatment program guidelines Continue reading

The Deaf in Prisons

Every so often a neglected group comes to our attention, a group that deserves our compassion. Imagine being deaf and incarcerated. How would you communicate? Being disabled in prison is difficult and each disability has its own challenges, I was so touched by the challenges of deaf prisoners in this article. Some are essentially condemned to communication solitary confinement.  The TTD system is 50 years old and if the prison has it, the family of the inmate may have switched to a more modern video system, Continue reading

Private Prison Boom

I found a small article in der Spiegel magazine disturbing although I know there are those who will find in it a good tip, or a good move. I had already read that the Trump administration, in this case the Justice Department under Jeff Sessions, was undoing the phasing out of private prisons begun under the Obama administration.  But this article went further. It took notice of this action because Deutsche Bank issued a report saying Continue reading

Homicide and Racial Discrimination

It is more likely fort a black man killing a white man to be found guilty than for a white one killing a black one. That is not new. Yet because so many are not yet convinced and because the judicial system does not yet reflect that reality, any study that reinforces  that fact, needs to be mentioned and noticed.  The Marshall Project which specializes in the criminal justice system did an examination where they looked at 400,000 homicides committed by civilians between 1980 and 2014. They found that when one person killed another, one out of every 100 homicides were found justified. But when a white person killed a black man, 17 out of 100 homicides were found justified. The thing is that to Continue reading