Taking Responsibility

Taking Responsibility Jesse Griffiths is a chef in Austin, Texas. He used to have a supper club, Dai Due, has worked in France and at several renowned restaurants and has a popular stand at Austin’s farmer’s market. Now, he’s mostly come to be known for the hunting classes he leads. He takes a maximum of 25 hunting, shooting and butchering deer in the Texas countryside. He doesn’t target the outdoor types, but those who regularly eat hamburgers. “ People who eat meat should see what happens to animals before it ends up on their table,” he says, “every time they consume an animal, they should make sure, they’re comfortable with it.” Eric Barton, who wrote the BBC article about Jesse Griffiths offers a comment, “This begs a question for the rest of us: If diners are being asked to think more about the source of their food, why stop at the dinner table?”