Please Note

Please Note 

As of January 2020, the Inner Life Directions weekly posts will become occasional to make room for a weekly podcast—GGID-Giving Good Its Due.  You can find it at  It’s  short and I hope you will find time to listen.                    

You can also visit the podcast page of our site 0r look for it in whatever directories your favorite podcasts are located.

Homelessness and Solutions

Homelessness is now well-known as a national problem, one that had been worse in California. As I follow the progress of this issue I rarely read something that to me at least addresses a potential real solution. Mainly because I’ve been wondering who understands the source of the problem, until I read a NYT piece on Dr. Margot Kushel, a longtime advocate for the homeless, now director of the Benioff Homelessness Initiative at UCSF which has a $30 million endowment from the billionaire Salesforce founder. She reminds us that we know what works: Housing First, programs where finding housing is the first and fundamental step to being able to help many who are homeless. But she also acknowledges that “We’ve always known that homelessness is a result, pure and simple, of poverty: the lack of a living wage, the lack of affordable housing and the insidious impact of racism. If we don’t fix the fundamentals, we are just patching a leaking ship. And that is what has happened.”

In my neighborhood as in many others new apartment buildings are going up on almost every block, apartments which are by law exempt from rent control and called luxury units partly to justify their high rents with a slew of amenities. These units are touted by many in politics and elsewhere as the answer to homelessness—implying that a shortage of units is what makes rents unaffordable. And yet when one remembers as was the topic of a post not long ago, that 44% of the labor force work at low paying jobs, economic inequality does seem to emerge as an underlying cause of homelessness. As the California legislature is struggling to come up with a new version of recently defeated AB 50 which wanted to supersede local zoning laws to be able to build more apartments such as those in my neighborhood, the views of Dr. Kushel gain added importance. Let her voice be heard.

Happy Holidays

“It is during our darkest moments that we must focus to see the light” said Aristotle. So regardless of what news items I read about the US or elsewhere, I remember what makes my granddaughter happy, the joy of all her playmates, the goodness of so many, or all the helpful things friends and others have done for me. And then I realize that as long as there are such lights, the future will be brighter than it seems!