The Lack of Palliative Care

In many poor and middle income countries untold millions are in pain due to illnesses like cancer and are not able to receive needed relief.  A chief reason is the opioid epidemic in the US. These countries are afraid that if the opioids needed to alleviate pain were made available more freely, that they too would end up with an epidemic.  While the US has 31 times the amount of drugs it needs, the result of this fear and avoidance is that Haiti has about 0.2% of what it requires and Nigeria even Continue reading “The Lack of Palliative Care”

Age Friendly Cities

Imagine a city that offers the elderly opportunities  where physical and mental disabilities are not an obstacle, where you can live your final years with grace and dignity? That is what is being proposed in Valdivia, in southern Chile. And if it works they hope to expend it to the rest of the country. Chile not only has a problem with the percentage of its population Continue reading “Age Friendly Cities”

Donations From Inmates

In Texas, inmates got together and donated almost $54,000 towards the relief of hurricane Harvey. That is not the first time. After Katrina and Rita inmates collected $44,000. What makes these donations truly laudable is that they come from the trust funds of the inmates, money used for them to buy snacks or things they may otherwise not have.  In about one month 6,663 inmates donated $53,863, all the more impressive since most of the inmates had $5 or less in their account.  It may sound commendable when a celebrity donates millions, but these donations seen as a percentage of total assets stand out far more. These are small donations, and in some instances the larger ones the Continue reading “Donations From Inmates”

Behind The Headline–George Clooney on Hillary

George Clooney being the celebrity he is, people are curious about what he says and thinks. Even I was curious about his comments on why Hillary Clinton lost. The media headlines quoted him saying that he never saw her elevate her game. It was part of a long article in the Daily Beast prompted by his new movie. Since he had been a supporter of Hillary and had given a fund raiser in her honor it was only natural that he be asked about it. He did say he never saw her elevate her game, but the headline takes the phrase out of its natural context.  He began by saying how qualified she was, and how she is not good at Continue reading “Behind The Headline–George Clooney on Hillary”