about Inner Life Directions

The world is a harsh place. It emphasizes human traits such as selfishness and materialism that contribute to social divisions and inequalities. It’s easy to forget that humanity can change, and that change could reduce suffering in the world and increase justice, compassion and harmlessness. To bring this about, however, we need to change our values, by reaching to our higher values, the values which could eventually bring about unity in the world. This requires a clear vision of what the values of a social conscience are and of the compass that will help us find the path to those values.  It’s really not as complicated as it may sound. Meditation can help us reach into the world of the inner self and the inner self can infuse us with those higher values. The inner self and its values are a path that can help us define who we are as individuals and as a society. One way to phrase it is that learning how to be in touch with the inner self and its values is what can help us move forward to a more just society and be a springboard to move towards eventual unity. Portrait of author, danielle levy

To be meaningful and practical this work must be tackled from both ends, the personal and the societal. That’s why for decades now I have worked with how the higher values of the inner self manifest through us as individuals and through society. The results of this work are the posts on this website as well as the books I’ve written (2 of which are soon to be published) and the guidance/life coaching I engage in with individuals. These are threads in the overall fabric that thousands and thousands of people are weaving to ensure that the harshness of this world is temporary.

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