What We Can Do For Climate Change

Climate change is better addressed as a matter of national and international policy. Yet without it we are not helpless. They are good examples of things we can do and come from an article in the NYT, which I hope you will read. They’re things we already know, based on our carbon footprint; still I found being reminded and having them in a list something which makes individual efforts matter more. If we all do this, or enough of us do enough of them, we can together make a difference regardless of whether or not our government pursues the needed policies. It may not be ideal, but it becomes a matter of conscience.

<>Better to eat vegetables from Argentina than even local red meat

<>Take the bus

<>Eat everything in your refrigerator

<>Flying is bad but driving is worse, especially solo

<>Cats and dogs are not a problem, their food comes from beef by-products, and dogs make you walk

<>Replace gas guzzlers if you want but don’t buy a second car

<>Buy less stuff, waste less stuff