Climate Change Migration

It’s easy to speak of the consequences of climate change, but being faced with potential numbers of one of its consequences is a wake-up call. The World Bank recently issued a Report “Groundswell: Preparing for Internal Climate Migration” saying that if current trends continue and we do nothing by 2050, 143 million people would be climate change refugees. The reasons are due to causes we’ve already heard about:  decreased crop productivity, water shortages and rising sea levels. Of course Continue reading “Climate Change Migration”

1400 Mayors and Climate Change

1400 US mayors have passed an agreement to have their cities rely totally on renewable energies by 2035. While the pledge came as part of the United States Conference of Mayors meeting recently, it was not unanimous. Some mayors who do not believe in the issue of climate change abstained. Critics also say that this resolution doesn’t solve the climate change problem. That may be but when 1400 mayors from red states as well as blue states agree on something like that, it can have positive effects for the environment and that is important. A group within the US Conference, Mayors for Continue reading “1400 Mayors and Climate Change”

What We Can Do For Climate Change

Climate change is better addressed as a matter of national and international policy. Yet without it we are not helpless. They are good examples of things we can do and come from an article in the NYT, which I hope you will read. They’re things we already know, based on our carbon footprint; still I found being reminded and having them in a list something which makes individual efforts matter more. If we all do this, or enough of us do enough of them, we can together make a difference regardless of whether or not our Continue reading “What We Can Do For Climate Change”