The Value of Government

–It’s easy to be against taxes and against government, but Somalia can be a lesson—Now that we’ve paid our federal taxes, getting reading for the next round of property taxes, and in a state like California are being subjected to an increase in sales tax, it’s easy to be angry and question the whole principle. Since it’s logical to associate taxes with government the anger extends to both, government and taxes. It’s politically expedient for some to try to capitalize on this anger whether or not they participated in the April 15th tea parties, and try to fight both the idea of taxes and that of government. And yet, at the same time that we read about those angry taxpayers we can also read about Somalia, a totally failed state, ruled by anarchy and breeding pirates, terrorists and several generations who have never known civil order of any kind. Despite the fact that it is and extreme and dire instance, it is nevertheless an example of what happens when there is no government and no taxes to make sure the government does what it is supposed to.
Let’s hope we can learn from the lesson Somalia represents and apply it to our next round of protest against government and taxes.