The Hunger of Others

–We ought never to be inured to the hunger of others–I turned on the TV, it was on CNN, I don’t know what program, but I know the head of a village in Afghanistan was talking to a young woman apparently making a documentary. He said that he thought 40% of the villagers just had enough to eat. My heart sank, only 40% with just enough to eat. And then he went on saying that this meant 60% did not have enough food. I couldn’t help it, tears came. Like the people around me I monitor what I eat because I don’t want to gain weight. As many times as I am exposed to hunger in the world, I can’t find it a cliché, I can’t get used to the injustice of some not having food, I can’t forget some must know hunger hour after hour, day after day, I can’t help wondering what never ending hunger pangs mean, like the stories I’ve read or heard of people in concentration camps and during wars. Truth is I hope I continue to react to those who do not have life’s basic necessity, who unjustly—and unnecessarily—suffer, I hope I remember and in whatever way open to me fire up those around me that one day hunger be history.