The Love of Guns

During the first 10 months of 2014 the TSA seized 1855 firearms from people about to board airplanes. Of these 1471 were handguns and rifles which were loaded. The seizures occurred mainly in the airport of certain areas: Dallas/Fort Worth, Hartsfield-Jackson-Atlanta, Phoenix Sky Harbor and Houston George Bush International. The number of firearms which people attempted to carry on board has steadily increased since 2005 when 606 were uncovered. The TSA however declined to speculate as to the why for the increase. The 1855 firearms seized in the last few months were actually part of the 3084 weapons, firearm components, stun guns, replicas and inert explosive material which were detected in that same period. Arrests occur in about 20% of the cases, and the most common explanation given by travelers for having a firearm is that they forgot they had a weapon in their carry-ons. It’s a reason that does stretch one’s credulity. Regardless, it speaks for the love of guns some have. More than that it speaks for the love of guns of some placing many at risk. I have every reason to believe the TSA does its best, but after reading this story, I was left wondering if people really think they can make it through security checks with firearms, what does get through undetected?