A few weeks ago, one of these pieces featured the issue of being stateless, a problem that tends to be neglected and ignored. Now a potential solution stands a chance to alleviate the suffering of so many and I feel duty bound to mention it. UNHCR, the UN agency for refugees is launching a campaign to help end statelessness. UN Special Envoy Angelina Jolie along with some 30 other celebrities and world leaders wrote a letter launching the ibelong campaign which initiates the process whereby it is hoped that 10 million people will sign the online petition. The campaign is a joint effort between UNHCR and the United Colors of Benetton which is providing the creative ideas. Currently at least 10 million (hence the number of sought signatures) or more are stateless in various parts of the world and a baby is born stateless every 10 minutes. If signing the petition matters to you, and I hope it does, or to read the letter, go to http://ibelong.unhcr.org