The Greatness of The U.S.

Thanksgiving is the time of year when I am particularly grateful to be in the United States. As an immigrant some part of me identifies with the Pilgrims and I feel aware that no other country would have given me the freedom to be myself. I chose a non- traditional life and have made choices different from the norm. Given my age, the degree of self expression I have found here is greater than those I would have found in Western Europe. Only fairly recently have countries like France and the U.K. come to equal he U.S. in that area. And countries like Denmark or Norway equal but do not surpass the U.S. when it comes to an individual being able to live up to his or her potential. The greatness of the U.S. to me is not in its military might, or its economic power, but in those institutions and values that enable individuals to be who they were meant to be. As long as we can preserve this aspect of our culture, then I shan’t be concerned about the future for my dear little Roma and for all the other wonderdulchildren growing up here.
Happy Thanksgiving!