Population Growth And The Environment

The result of a survey conducted on behalf of The Center for Biological Diversity, a non-profit environmental group, shows that 59% of those polled believe that population growth is important to environmental issues. Since population growth is often not a popular subject, other environmental groups have shied away from linking it to environmental concerns, but the Center for Biological Diversity wanted to show among other things that the connection wasn’t as problematic as many thought. As a result of the survey’s findings the organization has swelled both its membership and its donations. Other results: 50% of those polled think the world population is growing too fast, 68% expressed concern about disappearing wildlife, and depending on how the question was put to them, 57% to 64% said it was because population growth was having an adverse effect. Another interesting finding is that 48% think the average American consumes too much. It may be one organization and one survey but it does seem to show that given the opportunity the public is more savvy than we often realize.