I don’t mind that there are 1426 billionaires in the world (83 of them members of China’s parliament). Given a total world population of 7 billion people, that is a small fraction. I don’t mind that the richest is Carlos Slim, the Mexican oil magnate with a fortune of $73 billion, in a country where despite some inroads, the percentage of poor is still appalling. I don’t mind who’s on the list besides Bill Gates and Warren Buffet, people like Larry Ellison of Oracle, Seigei Brin and Larry Page of Google,or Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook, although his net worth dropped by $4.2 billion. But I mind that there was a 16% increase in their number over last year. I mind that not only their number but their bank accounts were also fattened. The average net worth is said to have jumped to $3.8 billion or a %3 increase from the previous year. I mind that these are not figures we can apply to the middle class or to any ordinary citizen.