More Than Worldly Success

Couldn’t the Oscars not be more than the epitome of worldly success?–The Oscar hubbub is behind us and the winners have been declared. Despite the goodwill and graciousness of those who didn’t get Oscars, the event seems to be saying: We have one winner and four losers in each category. The whole thing has become so institutionalized not only in the movie industry, but in the general culture that we are loosing our objectivity, and what the presentation was meant to mean, can mean, does mean and how it could be reformed to be more meaningful. Does the performance of one actor over that of the others really deserve the special treatment conferred by winning an Oscar? It’s hard to see the distinction this year as it was in past years.
Several years ago the announcement from the stage was far more blatant, as the presenter would announce, ”And the winner is.” Now the phrase is, “The award goes to”. No matter, the thinking behind it is the same. And despite the talk that being nominated is award enough, the idea still is winning the statuesque.
As they stand the Oscars are the epitome of worldly success—Couldn’t they be a lot more and enrich us all rather than just those who stand to monetarily benefit?