Lying With a Straight Conscience?

What might be the impact of politicians knowingly distorting facts? Most of us already know that in political debates,in political ads as well as in political stomp speeches facts are bandied, cited, used and quoted but not necessarily accurately.We can go to or wait for an internet or newspaper story to let us know what the true version is. But what we can’t do is see the impact it is having on the candidates. They are intelligent, informed and committed people, for no one endures the rigors of modern campaigning without being committed.They know their record, they know too the record of their opponent. Given that they want to win, I can understand how they would misuse facts with a straight face. What I don’t understand is how they live with it afterward.Either the campaign process has turned them into cynics, and I doubt that very much, or into robots where they do what their handlers and advisers tell them to–and given the pressures they are under, there has to be some of that. Underneath though,what reasons do they give themselves,and what does it do to them as individuals to essentially lie with a certain impunity. The winner will be rewarded, the loser will either campaign again or go on as if nothing happened.I couldn’t do this day in and day out and feel good, comfortable, clear, honest and true to my beliefs.They may be politicians–and sometimes I think that takes almost a different breed of individuals–but they are still human and still prey to pangs of conscience.And if that’s so, then how is all this lying going to affect their carrying out the duties of the office to which they will be elected?