Globalization–Lit Up

It’s one thing to talk about globalization, it’s another to actually see an example of it–To anyone who has an iPhone the image is undoubtedly already known, a picture of everywhere in the world where there is one. Orange lights shine showing where they are. Where there is a concentration of phones, the orange gets denser. Asia, Europe have much bigger usage than expected. What completes the picture and in many ways gives it meaning is a lone orange dot in the middle of Antartica. There in what seems no where, the end of the world as we know it, there is an iPhone connecting whoever is there to the world. That lone dot in itself carries its own message–There is no where one can go any longer and be cut off from what we call the civilized world. The mere fact that the iPhone is there tells us that no one wants to be really cut off. Even if that person turns off the phone, it is quite temporary, for its very presence will connect him or her when there is a need or a desire. And so that lone tiny dot in the middle of that far away deserted place does remind us that we are all connected, and that very connection speaks for at least a degree of interdependence.