Human Rights–Alive and Well

The UN Declaration of Human Rights is 60 years-old, no wonder we’re still have a long way to go–It’s fashionable for many to cite the absence of a more universally applied practice of human rights as an example of how troubled the world is. While there is truth in that statement, when seen in historical perspective, one comes to another conclusion. The Declaration of Human Rights guaranteeing freedom such as freedom of religion dates to December 10th 1949 and was spearheaded by former First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt. Human history is thousands of years old, and yet coming together to agree on human rights, what some of these rights are is only 60 years old! That may seem long to someone in their teens, or even twenties, but not to the rest of us. More important in terms of recorded history human rights is still in its infancy. Yes, as we practice its principles, we’re going to experience growing pains, we’re going to make mistakes, we’re going to be imperfect. The point is not how ideal is our practice, but whether it is making headway in the world, in our respective countries, in terms of its being generally accepted. Fact is it is. For one thing it is now an accepted principle, even when we disagree on what rights it actually entails. And that is a human accomplishment! We are not turning back, and though progress comes too slowly for those who are suffering from its lack, be it Tibet or Myanmar, Darfur or North Korea along with so many other places, the cause of human rights is alive and well.