Confronting Our Financial Bubble?

The financial crisis is bound to lead us to confront the bubble our society has created–For the last few weeks as bailouts and rescue packages have become the order of the day, we’ve been talking about huge numbers,numbers which most of us do not comprehend. How many of us really understand what a trillion dollar means? I just read a staggering number. In a recent article the Los Angeles Times details the breakdown of the money the United States government has committed to rescue Wall Street and the financial system, although not all of it has thus far been tapped. The number: $8.5 trillion. This $8.5 trillion includes such things as $700 billion for the Troubled Asset Relief Program or $1.8 trillion for the Commercial Paper Program which buys short-term notes from companies which use the proceeds to pay bills. I must admit I am not clear whether these are their bills or not. In fact as I read the list, I confess I do not understand it all. Like many, I have numerous questions. My questions, though, primarily revolve around the value of money, where it comes from, leads to and means. Assuming the decision makers know what they are doing–another set of questions altogether–the many trillions we are now spending–since it looks sure there shall be more in future than the $8.5 trillion of the article–will at some point have to be accounted for. Is that when we shall come face to face with the limitations of our using money, with our over reliance on its material value? Is that when the bubble we have created about its role in our society will burst?