Cyber-Exploitation That’s the URL for a website giving victims of cyber-exploitation—otherwise known as porn revenge—resources, including help with how to have images, videos, and sometimes damaging statements, removed from social media. I do feel that it’s particularly important to give it because several stories I read from mainstream media spoke about such things as how ground breaking it was that California was the first state to do this but did not include it. The site began by California Attorney General, Kamala Harris, does not seem to me to be a cure all for cyber-exploitation, butit will make it easier for victims to protect themselves. Besides, it includes the names of the law enforcement agencies where the crime can be reported. Of course if the harmful pictures or statement have been there years, it may not undo the damage, but it will stop it. The web site comes as part of an effort on the part of the Attorney General to educate local authorities about the laws designed to combat the crime. What’s worth noting is that the site was designed with the help of some 50 agencies, such as Microsoft, Yahoo, Facebook, Google, in addition to victims’ advocates, academics and law enforcement groups. Harris says that 90% of victims are women and although the site is in California, several of its resources, mainly those dealing with social media apply nationwide.
We live in a cyber era and whether we like it or not cyber-crime is inevitable. Things like hacking and bullying have become almost daily realities. This website won’t stop people or even deter them but it will bring some comfort to victims. It may be but a step, still it stands as an example that slow as we may be to address some problems, we do make progress.