Yoga In Encinitas

Encinitas is a small coastal town south of Los Angeles. Its school district received a half million dollar grant from a local yoga foundation to teach yoga in schools along with healthy eating and the cultivation of small gardens. The twice weekly exercises were adapted for younger participants and no Sanskrit words are being used. Shortly after they began, about four dozens parents protested and hired a lawyer who claims that the yoga poses that are being taught are leading the children to perform what are at their base prayers to Hindu deities. School officials have indicated that children can opt out of the program, and have also indicated an interest to work with the parents to do what is best for the children. I wonder if any of the parents or the lawyer they hired have ever met a Hindu. What do they know about Hinduism, or the history of yoga? What do they know about the difference between yoga as it once was in India and yoga as it has become now that it’s popular in the West? I also wonder, were I to teach someone how to kneel would I thereby be teaching them how to pray to a Christian god?