War, Israel and Questions

Is Israel being Short-Sighted?–In Israel, I read, rare is the person not supporting the Gaza offensive. The rest of the world may object, but Israelis do not. They feel justified in whatever is done in their name. 2003 wasn’t so long ago. Many remember the night it was announced President Bush had gone to war in Iraq. Flags were everywhere, everyone was behind the administration. It was a just war and a just cause. In a relatively short time, the country did a proverbial 180. It may end up the same with Israelis, their realizing that no matter how they may wish it, no matter what reason they give it, or how justified they feel, war on Gaza in the way it is being conducted is neither right, nor just, nor necessary. Let’s assume Israel wins. What will that victory mean? Lets say no more rockets from Gaza. Then what? Rockets from Lebanon? A continued lack of a settlement about the Golan with Syria? Worse relations with Iran–if that’s possible–and other Muslim states? A World opinion that puts Israel below that held toward the U.S. after Abu Ghraib? And what about the future? The end of a two state solution? Given the demographic trends, the first step towards an Apartheid type of regime to control Arab Israelis and Palestinians? An Israel that is a democratic state without practicing democracy? A continued violation of international law by expanding the settlements?
It does look like Israel is being very short sighted. Peace at any price may not be peace at all.