Too High A Price

The elections are behind us and what remains is for me like a scary taste. It’s not the results per se that scare me, it’s the ignorance that seems to pervade the process. Politicians bend truths to suit their agenda, that’s an old story. But lately it does appear to have often gone beyond that. Christine O’Donnell even though she lost in Delaware stands as an example. What scares me is not her party affiliation, but her ignorance, one that went largely unchecked and uncorrected because often those who could have corrected her did not see it in their political interest. And those who listened, those who have the power to vote, are from all appearances too busy struggling with their lives to often know what might have been wrong with what she said. The price I gladly pay for living in a democracy is that sometimes my side will lose, and will lose fair and square. The price I don’t want to pay is that of ignorance–simply because I believe that ignorance corrodes democracy even more than unchecked power.