There’s Something Sad

Michael’s Jackson glove sold at auction for $350,000, way above what the auction house thought. The pre-auction estimate was around $50,000. The bidding opened at $10,000, went immediately to $120,000 and then eventually to $350,000. With fees and taxes the winning bidder, a Hong Kong businessman, will pay $420,000. The glove is to be exhibited at a resort on Macao. Whatever the explanation, investment, uniqueness or a die-hard fan’s last bravo, there’s something sad about a human being paying that much for a memento, even if it was called by the chief executive of the auction house, “the Holy Grail of Michael Jackson.” There’s something sad about someone with means not knowing the real value of money, of how much good that sum could have done, in food programs, HIV meds, schools, art programs… There’s something sad about a wanton and blatant exercise of material values.