The Fight Against Deportation

There’s already the outline of a movement to fight whatever the Trump administration may do about deportation. Several Ivy League universities including Harvard, are making plans to protect the students there illegally, some young people in the US since childhood. The Catholic Bishops have asked Trump to rethink his planned deportation policy. Cardinal Jose Gomez, head of the Los Angeles diocese has already expressed his opposition to deportation. There’s also the chief of the Los Angeles Police Department, Charlie Beck, who declared that deporting people is not the job of the police. The Los Angeles Unified School district has also reaffirmed that its campuses are safe zones, that is places where immigration agents are not welcomed.. Los Angeles, Chicago, New York, Washington, D.C. along with several others cities—32 so far in California, Arizona, Colorado, Connecticut and several other states—are sanctuary cities, that is cities where people here illegally are not prosecuted just for being here illegally. While it’s not a guarantee and the concept has no legal standing, it nevertheless indicates that these cities are and will be more welcoming to illegal immigrants. There are already several churches readying to help, if not shelter, people who are at risk of deportation. And there are many local and state organization also prepared to fight against a deportation order which would wreck lives, endanger families and in some cases people.
Martin Luther King Jr. said we had the right to disobey an unjust law. He had taken that from St Augustine and made the concept the basis for his activism. It looks that the concept is now inspiring a new generation and a new slate of causes.

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  1. Excellent! Yes, we need to step up to a new slate of causes. I have heard that Seattle is also a “safe zone,” and also the Univ. of Washington. It could be that Trump will ignite new activism that will end up being positive for all of us! If so, great! I’m willing to be surprised, if he turns out to be a good president. I certainly have major doubts, but am willing to give him time to grow into his role (as long as he doesn’t destroy people in the meantime.)

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