Thank You Jackie

It’s not what Jackie Kennedy said about Martin Luther King Jr. or about Lyndon Johnson that stands out for me in those recently released taped conversations. What stands out is how far she came, how much she grew, how she matured and evolved. She was 34 when she gave those interviews at a time when women’s liberation was only words particularly for someone of a generation schooled in what was to become passé attitudes. I am not the same person I was at age 34. Many whom I respect, who have grown, matured and evolved aren’t either because experience and knowledge changes our perceptions and attitudes. Jacqueline Kennedy went on to be a professional woman, an accomplished person, someone who earned the respect of many not because of what gave her fame, but because of who she became. Her conversations on those tapes become the punctuation helping us to better grasp the span of her achievement as a human being, and make her into a shining example—not of Camelot, but of the kind of growth we ought to aspire to.