Appearance and Being Thin

Just before its last election France passed an edict requiring models to have a medical certificate that they are not underweight.  Another edict specifies that retouched photos in ads (not in editorial contents) must be specified as such. The laws were hailed of course but with caution. Model advocates wonder if it may end up being one more layer of authority models have to deal with or whether it will indeed help and make a difference. Models have been exploited and work in an environment where the balance of Continue reading “Appearance and Being Thin”

Quality and Quantity

Hayley Tsukuyama who writes about technology for the Washington Post commented in a recent article that the situation between advertisers and consumers is like an arms race, where everyone loses. 45 milllion people are using ad blockers, that is 15% of all U.S. Internet users, and a number that is rapidly growing, representing an increase of 48% between June 2014 and June 2015. A study by Adobe and PageFair says the use of ad blockers costs advertisers $22 billion in revenues. Consumers of course find the ads Continue reading “Quality and Quantity”