Sarkozy’s Determination

There’s something down right scary about singling out one ethnic group. The French government ongoing expulsions of the Romas back to Bulgaria and Romania has earmarks of discrimination and prejudice. What’s even more disturbing is that the Romas, often called gypsies, are part of the 27 nations European Union and people from one nation are permitted to go anywhere. While individual countries have the right to protect themselves, from, for example mass migration from sub-Saharan Africa, it is not clear the Romas fall in that category. French President Sarkozy has vehemently defended his policy and the fact that he wasn’t as well received as he hoped at the last EU meeting is encouraging. The EU has agreed to review the situation. Meanwhile the expulsions continue. The Romas, who as a group are not wanted in Italy, in Romania, in Germany and in other countries as well, go when they are tracked down by the French police, and then find a way to come back. That may help them survive, but that doesn’t solve the prejudice they face. Let’s hope Sarkozy’s determination will force the EU into action and find a better solution.