Resolutions Beyond Ourselves

Every January we make resolutions. It’s a ritual usually focused on ourselves, our health, how to better our lives. And usually those very resolutions require more effort than we may be willing to exert and so we let them slowly or not so slowly fade into the realm of what could have been. I wonder if we would be more willing to sustain the needed effort if the cause was something we believed in, a cause outside ourselves, something where we could contribute and where the very fact of our contribution would make the needed difference.  Here are examples. Please add yours and let us all work toward a cause–or causes to make this world a bit better.

  • Supporting the work of Planned Parenthood
  • Help migrants anywhere feel like human beings
  • Feeding the hungry
  • Ending world hunger
  • Lessening homelessness
  • Lessen the occurrence of FGM either in the US or another country
  • Insure and expand voting rights in the US and elsewhere

May this year see be less complacent, more engaged and more fulfilled!

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