Practicing And Preaching

We already know that a large percentage of Americans have a negative perception of Islam. What seems new is that 47% of Protestant pastors agree with Franklin Graham—son of Billy—that Islam is an evil and wicked religion. Three out of four pastors think that Christians and Muslims pray to different gods and four in ten say that the religion is fundamentally evil.
While tolerance is said to be a Christian virtue, while turning the other cheek is a fundamental principle and while love whether called charity or mercy is an underlying Christian value, in the minds of these pastors these precepts do not appear to apply to Islam. What is also disturbing is that pastors are leaders and in a position to influence others. The irony is that the same ignorance and prejudice that is impugned to Muslims when it comes to their view of the United States, Christianity and Western culture seem to be having sway over these pastors. For whatever reasons, they do not seem to be practicing what they are—or ought to be—preaching.