On Re-Homing

Re-Homing refers to the practice of adoptive parents who can no longer handle or want the children they adopted and advertise online for whoever will take them. Following an article a few months ago after a lengthy investigation by Reuters journalist Megan Twohey, child care advocates have asked the congress to do more to protect those children. Most are foreign born and have emotional or behavioral problems. Adoption agencies are not geared to handle post adoption problem leaving parents stranded as to what to do. They have gone online and Twohey found that at least one child a week is offered for adoption to whatever stranger is willing. In one instance she discovered the custody of a 10 year old boy had been transferred to a known pedophile—now in prison. As it stands the situation is an invitation to abusers, porn makers, traffickers and neither does it address the responsibility of adoptive parents who give their children to people they don’t know just because they say they would not mind having a problem child. Sen. Kay Hagan (Dem-N.C.) chairman of the Senate Subcommittee on Children and Families is looking into possible action or legislation. Let’s hope this is an issue where Congress can rise above its gridlock and partisanship. Meanwhile it becomes an example of positively using the powers of government to mitigate the lower aspects of human nature.