Neutrality and What’s Right

The government of Afghanistan is not happy with the Red Cross. They have been giving the Taliban lessons in first aid. Those in local governments on the side of President Karzai and for whom the Taliban are like “animals” don’t like it either. But the Red Cross is standing by its principle of neutrality. They do not take sides. Their job is to give aid and comfort to all who need it. That’s why in Helmand and Kandahar provinces they have trained more than a 100 Afghan soldiers and policemen, along with a taxi drivers meant to operate a form of ambulance service.
We live in a world where winning is important. We engage in a war with the idea of winning it. It is obviously not to our advantage to treat the other side in the same way, but from a universal perspective where all are equal what’s to our advantage may not necessarily be what’s right. If humanity has any common roots, it knows no side and what’s right is what safeguards that humanity.