More Than a Vote

The House voted on a Bill to restrict abortion to 20 weeks, in effect outlawing those late terms procedures which anti abortion activists call partial births. It is one of the most restrictive bills put forth yet. Given it would not pass a Democratic controlled senate nor be signed by the President, the supporters knew it would not become law. Regardless it was put on the floor to appease the part of the Republican base who has been quite vocal about abortion since the trial of doctor Kermit Gosnell. Indeed anyone learning about the details of that medical clinic has to cringe, and condemn the practices. It is easy to understand how it could fuel the flames of anti-abortion supporters and even understand how easy it is to forget that the practice of one doctor cannot be used to indict other clinics. What’s worth underlining about this bill is a point that has been made many times before, but one that is worth repeating, that in the main those who support both it and the changes it spells out are Christians, and their position is informed by their Christian beliefs. While they are as free to practice their religion in whatever way they see fit, when those beliefs underlie legislation that is to apply to Christians as well as to non-Christians, then it does look like the separation between church and state has been weakened. If I am correct about the religious underpinning of this stance, then it is wise to expect it won’t stop with this vote.