Let’s Be Informed

A survey by the Public Policy Institute of California had some revealing, if disturbing findings. Californians haven’t any idea where the state gets its money or how it spends it. And yet the survey shows Californians want themselves to be in charge rather than the governor or the legislature. The institute pollster Mark Baldassare found that only 6% of Californians could identify both the biggest revenue source and the biggest expenditure. “It seems to me that what you need as a starting point are some basic facts about where the money comes from and where it’s going, to make sound fiscal decisions, and they don’t have that base of knowledge,” he said. Voting in the dark can hardly be called responsible. Thinking you know what’s involved in the issues when you don’t can’t be the basis for anything good. And yet, it does seem that is what happens, in California as in other states, with local as with national issues. Regardless, here is a big problem that is easy to fix and without any price tag—let’s be informed.