2 thoughts on “Kansas Welfare Law”

  1. The welfare law in Kansas that other states will possibly copy is unbelievable. First,
    $425 a month for a family of three is not even enough to pay rent and utilities. And then
    restrictions are being placed on how it is spent and on a $25 ATM withdrawal limit per day…
    This law would seem to violate some basic human rights, particularly freedom from
    want and need and freedom from fear. Perhaps freedom of thought and expression, too,
    since freedom of economic choice is being nullified. I, too, fail to see how this
    would help those in this situation get a job. Rather, it reinforces their feelings of
    being pushed around, like objects, with no voice in their basic daily life economic
    transactions. This also speaks volumes about the political systems in states that
    adopt such an unfair law.

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