It’s So With Any Crowd

I was at a public concert and looked around at the people there. As a group they looked like a slice of average humanity, diverse in their appearance, short, tall, thin, heavy, old, young and of any hue from the fairest Caucasian to the deepest of brown. But how average were they, what was beneath appearances? Some must have had police records, maybe former incarcerations, some had debts, for most the car they had arrived in was not paid for, some might have cheated on their taxes, some must have been HIV positive. They smiled and clapped seeming so friendly but underneath some had to be sad, depressed, recovering from addiction or loss of some kind, some perhaps had sexually transmitted diseases, were victims of domestic violence or rape, some no doubt held beliefs opposite of mine, or values harmful to society. And among them too were humble citizens selflessly giving of themselves to those they cared about. It’s so with any crowd, at a mall or stadium there is more behind appearances, more underneath than what we see.