Humans Needed

Technology can be full of wonders, but oh it’s far from perfect! We’ve all enjoyed sites that allow us to make travel reservations, from airplane tickets to hotel rooms and car rentals. But we’ve also been frustrated at how complex it can get. We get a fare on a given site and by the time we check another site and go back to the first one, the price we saw is gone. Apparently this is now a common experience. That may be why

the American Society of Travel Agents reports rising demand for travel agents. People are increasingly turning to travel agents, to someone they can talk to, to a human in order to make their travel plans. In fact some agencies are concerned about finding enough qualified and experienced agents. The society assumes that the demand is due to people being overwhelmed by so many websites and choices.
I tend to write about subjects that seem to have more consequence, but the notion underlying this item that human input is needed deserves to be noticed. So often technology comes to the rescue, but now here’s an instance where humans are the rescue. It may not be a trend, but it’s easy to surmise that there are and will be other instances when humans are needed to adjust, complement, redress, correct or balance what technology does.