Human Trafficking–Some Stats

Here are some statistics about human trafficking, statistics that require no commentary.

<>79% of trafficked people are women and children

<>Victims of trafficking are found in 106 of 193 countries

<>  from 2012-14 the UN  Office on Drug and Crime estimated 0ver 500 flows of trafficking from 137 different nationalities

<>Victims  are compelled to act as beggars, enter into sham marriages, forced into organ removal, participate in pornography production among others

<>According to the ILO human trafficking earns $150 billion a year for the traffickers. The following is a breakdown of profits by sector

  • 99 billion dollars from commercial sexual exploitation
  • 34 billion dollars in construction, manufacturing, mining and utilities
  • 9 billion dollars in agriculture, including forestry and fishing
  • 8 billion dollars is saved annually by private households employing domestic workers under conditions of forced labor

<>22% of the victims are trafficked for sex, but commercial sexual exploitation earns 66% of the profits

<>Sexual exploitation can result in 100 to 1000% profit while an enslaved laborer in India 50%

<>Labor exploitation in the US includes many industries particularly hospitality, restaurants, nail salons, massage parlors