Happy Holidays

The pandemic has colored our lives with shades of discontent. Yet somehow we are—no doubt in various degrees—living up to the challenges. That’s because consciously or not we are using our innate strengths and resources. In doing so it’s easy to forget we become individual examples of the very qualities that make us better humans. Some call it the nobility of the human spirit, some call it better angels. Fact is  no matter what we call it our resilience, our capacity to make adjustments, our ability to help each other, our joy despite the difficulties are carrying us through this.

May these strengths continue to grace our lives with renewed depths!

Wishing you  Happy Holidays.

One thought on “Happy Holidays”

  1. Thank You kindly for sharing your insights with us each week. Your posts help us reflect and recharge so we can live more meaningful lives as well as share our joy and your words of wisdom with others. Happy Holidays to You too!

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