Happy Holidays

“It is during our darkest moments that we must focus to see the light” said Aristotle. So regardless of what news items I read about the US or elsewhere, I remember what makes my granddaughter happy, the joy of all her playmates, the goodness of so many, or all the helpful things friends and others have done for me. And then I realize that as long as there are such lights, the future will be brighter than it seems!


2 thoughts on “Happy Holidays”

  1. Thank You for always being a bright light dear Danielle!
    Happy Holidays to You and everyone You love!
    From the heart, Nina Smart

    1. Thank you Nina, seems to me one way to make the world better is to work towards being a light in our own little world, and I know you do.
      Happy holidays to you and those you love right back.

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