Good for Google

Google is standing up to China, more specifically its censorship policies and what they mean for freedom and democracy. Rather than accede to its demands to filter its search engines, it moved to more neutral Hong Kong, at some cost to itself. Soon after GoDaddy, a rather large concern itself announced it would no longer issue domain names in China. For years American and other large companies have humored China just so they could have a foothold in the large market it represents. Now that Google is taking a stand and that GoDaddy has followed, will others be similarly inclined? Many believe Google’s action signals that other Western corporations are ready to change their approach in their dealings with China. May they be right.
P.S. This blog is hosted by Google. They are in the process of altering how it is brought to publication and to this effect initiated a migration tool. Having no choice but to use it, I did, only to find out it far from error free. In Google fashion there was no one to talk to or communicate with, leaving me with the feeling Google didn’t really care about people like me. While I do believe this is more a fact than a feeling, I must admit that standing up to China is ultimately more important.