Cannabis Libraries

They’ve started something in several cities in Mexico we ought to emulate—Cannabis libraries. In Mexico City the library is in a corner on a lonely shelf labelled Biblioteca Canabica. Regardless of its size and place it contains books providing information for teachers, parents, teens and others to be better informed. It may be more true to say more accurately informed. The problem there as in the US, as it must be in any number of countries, is that information on marijuana is colored by which side you’re on. For those who think it should be legalized, it is risk free. For those who think it should continue to be criminalized, it is increasingly dangerous. Cannabis, marijuana, pot, weed, by whatever name is a drug, and like all drugs it has consequences, still it’s difficult to find accurate and reliable information. It’s illegal in Mexico and the library is part of an attempt to contribute to the growing debate there about whether or not it should be legalized. If Mexico can succeed, it shouldn’t be difficult for us to have a dedicated place online or in actual libraries where accurate information is easily accessible.