BP and US

There are those who feel virtuous going out of their way not to buy gas at stations supplied by BP oil. That in the end may not be where our energies could do the most good. We’re so busy blaming BP we’re blinding ourselves to facts we need to be conscious of. We’re forgetting that offshore drilling is legal, that the administration reaffirmed it not long ago before it declared a moratorium due to the accident. We’re forgetting the power of the oil lobby, and the fact that big and dangerous oil spills happen in other countries, the Niger Delta for one. We’re also forgetting that the last few Presidents of both parties have talked about not being dependent on foreign oil, but no energy policy is in place. We as consumers have no real choice, no real alternatives. Let us not be blinded to our responsibility, for solutions can only come if we see clearly and press for them. And if we do, we can insist that whatever administration is in power passes viable legislation, a bill that will, among other key provisions, foster our having cars that run on clean, energy efficient oil alternatives, and that will prevent this kind of tragic accident from ever happening not only on our shores but on others as well.