Art and Technology

We still think that art and technology are poles apart and they are, but what we forget is that they go hand in hand to make our world more livable. Amy Wibowo wrote a blog about her experience with the two, a blog which she charmingly illustrated and posted on Medium. It was then reposted on Quartz perhaps because its editors also saw how well she was able to summarize the relationship between them. I would suggest you click on the link and read the post because she cites examples which would be too awkward to list here. We shouldn’t have to choose, she suggests, and as she gives instances where this would apply, she tells us how poorly an app would run if it weren’t designed properly. Design makes technology usable she says. Design and art can make math and science learnable; art can inspire technology and technology can bring art to life, she continues to assert. Since both art and technology should be recognized as part of our lives, moving towards that understanding with a certain savvy is important. And perhaps that understanding will also be of use in the need to link science and the humanities. We must all know, as I do, people who excel at both art and technology, people who are artists and computer mavens at the same time, people who are reminders to encourage those around us to use the two and avoid having to choose between one or the other. And as we do, the idea can inspire us to realize and appreciate how art and technology play out in our own lives.