Ann Romney, Horses and MS

Why shouldn’t Ann Romney own horses, ride them and enjoy them. Like people of her economic status she can afford them and has the right to choose how to spend her money. For that matter why can’t presidential candidates have money. John Kerry, John McCain, George Bush all had access to wealth. Those are not the issues in my view. What makes me think twice about the Romney wealth is attitude. If they acknowledged the privileges their wealth gives them all the while remembering those who don’t, or can’t, have them, I, along with many, would feel differently. If Ann Romney were to say, I was lucky to be able to have horses to help me deal with my MS, and I wish more MS sufferers could have such access, we would understand. If she acknowledged that there are other ways for MS sufferers to engage in strengthening their muscles, hiking for example, and that she was fortunate to find a sport like dressage that she enjoys so much, we would think, oh this lady has an understanding mind. Instead she says things like she did recently reminding the person who was interviewing her that she and her family have the right to live their lives. We are then left wondering in what other ways she would have a me versus them attitude.