A Woman of Distinction

There may be a group that is more reviled than sex offenders, but it’s hard to find. That’s why Janice Belllucci’s work with them is so impressive. She got involved out of compassion after talking to the person who installed a water purifier for her and learning how hard life had been for him since leaving prison. She read his book and began working for the rights of the registrants, those whom others call sex offenders and who have by law to register their whereabouts. A lawyer, who used to work in aerospace, she thinks of the issues surrounding those who are no longer in prison as civil rights. Many cities have tried to restrict their whereabouts so much so that of the 88,000 offenders in the state of California, about one third are homeless. She agrees that what they did requires prison time, but she thinks they need to be able to have a chance to reenter society if they are not to become repeat offenders. She’s the president of the California chapter of Reform Sex Offenders Laws and when Simi Valley tried to pass a law requiring sex offenders to post signs of their front door warning trick or treaters, she was able to get them not to pass the law. Her efforts aren’t popular in certain circles and that’s why Janice Bellucci’s work is not only needed but has to be respected.