A New Durable Fabric

Some recycling stories, are more than being about recycling. They reveal creativity, initiative, cleverness, intelligence,  and it took all that for old fabrics to become something new. Actually it is more than old fabrics, it is fabrics for clothing nobody wants, it is fabrics too old or too whatever to be useful.  To just recycle fabric is complicated, because there are so many kinds of fabrics, and there are dies too. Some fabrics are just called unrecyclable. But all the obstacles were overcome and the result was something durable and useful. The design studio Envision partnered with an engineering  company Imat-Uve to tackle the project. The result is called Fiber Unsorted. The recycled fabric made from fabrics that would have otherwise ended up in landfills ends up as something that when processed is a textile of high quality  and strong enough that it can be used for instance for car interiors. One of the techniques that made this new fabric possible is Imat-Uve   innovation to unweave the fabrics without damaging them so that the fibers can then be  spun into high quality yarn. The technique can be used on just about any type of garment or fabric filtering out only about 15% usually because the fibers are too short. In addition the technique involves no chemical process making the innovation environmentally sustainable. Once the yarn is ready Envision then refines it  using different textures, patterns and colors. Besides the automotive industry, the fabric can be used in furniture design, upholstery, even flooring. I may not know if my next car will use some of this fabric, but it’s enough to know it might.

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    1. A very good question. As far as I know from what I read about this, they have been using clothing that is considered unrecyclable. I do not know where they obtain it, one way could be from places like Goodwill which have an unrecyclable category.

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