A Double Standard?

In South Florida you can ostensibly get fired for marrying someone in the porn industry. Scott Janke was fired “without cause” for just that. In the same way he’s been for years in both Florida and Alaska, he was the town manager of Fort Myers Beach, a town of about 6500. Last October he married Anabela Mota, a porn star. But the city’s mayor, Larry Kiker, only now realized what Mrs. Janke does. Kiker said that Janke had done a good job, but was concerned that the situation would be a distraction for the town and keep him from being effective in the future.
It’s possible that Kiker’s argument may have come to pass. More than likely, other scenarios may have developed. Perhaps an initial hubbub would have eventually petered out. Regardless, it does raise the issue of a double standard. Given how many people are consumers of the porn industry, was the problem that all 6500 resident object to porn and abstain from being consumers? Was the problem that some of the residents had seen Mrs. Janke in one of her movies and could not separate the sex-actress from the person? Were they concerned that their children would be led astray in some way they wouldn’t know how to explain? Would they have made the same decision if she had worked in a nuclear power plant where the risk of an accident is always a possibility? Whatever the mayor’s or the town’s reasons, it does make one wonder about people who have a double standard.